Travis Pastrana Remembers Nitro Circus Star Erik Roner

In just a couple of months, it will have been two years now since Nitro Circus star, ...

In just a couple of months, it will have been two years now since Nitro Circus star, Erik Roner had tragically passed away. If you remember, in September 2015, it was announced that this daredevil had passed from an unfortunate and sudden skydiving incident. Even though everybody knew of the risks that these guys took on a regular basis by pulling off their stunts, nobody expected this to happen. It’s almost like you build up this tolerance of the fact that the worst might unfold and kind of expect these guys to be around forever even though they’re carrying out some of the most dangerous stunts that you could ever see that most certainly carry a high risk along with them.

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From what we’ve observed from the people who were close to him, it looks like Roner was an incredibly beloved friend that many would even consider a pioneer of this genre of entertainment. As Travis Pastrana describes, he wasn’t one of those guys that would just go out and do things for the sake of them being dangerous but instead, he says that Erik was one of the most calculated members of the group, continuing on that, for Roner, stunts like these were as well planned out as his commute to work in the morning.

The video down below shows Travis taking a moment to reflect on the loss of his friend and telling us all exactly how he will be remembered and held in the hearts of those who he reached out and touched. I think that the rest of what he said can be summed up in a couple of simple words by saying that they’re all going to do their best to remember Erik Roner but are also going to keep the show on the road because that’s most certainly what a guy like this probably would’ve wanted.

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