Tree Stump Removal ( The Easy, Lazy Way)

There are some jobs out there around the house that might seem to be especially ...

There are some jobs out there around the house that might seem to be especially backbreaking. Just because the traditional method says that you should probably go out there and get tied up in some manual labor doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to. After all, we’re big proponents of working smarter instead of working harder wherever you can manage to. If you think things through a little bit before just hopping into action, you might just come up with something that would end up saving you both time and energy. Who doesn’t want to have more of both of those?

This time, the job at hand is none other than pulling out a stump, something that usually requires a lot of force and effort, sometimes even needing the likes of the truck to get those roots out of their home and out of your hair. It can be a pesky test for sure but, with the right tools, this time, it’s made into something that doesn’t take any effort at all. By simply burning the stump in the ground, this guy takes the path of least resistance by setting this thing ablaze and putting an old-school fireplace over top to help stoke the fire and get that stump gone even more quickly.

Follow along in the video below that shows off how this stump fire ends up getting rid of all of that wood that’s in the way and creating a massive hole in its place. Now, I’m not any kind of expert on landscaping or anything like that, however, this looks like a good way to save your back or simply get rid of a tree if you don’t have the proper tools to get the job done. After following along with this method of getting rid of a tree stump, be sure to tell us what you think of the “lazy” method, as the video uploader calls it, that could go off without a hitch if you know exactly what to do.

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