Truck Donuts + No Seat Belts + Doors Open = Passenger Going Flying!

Well, we found where the kids that eat Tide Pods are hanging out. It should come as ...

Well, we found where the kids that eat Tide Pods are hanging out. It should come as no surprise that they’re doing things that are every bit as stupid when they’re not at home cleaning out their insides with detergent.

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I can’t even begin to wrap my head around what would make anybody decide to kick the door open and hope like hell they have enough sense and grip strength to hold on while a kid in a big gnarly sounding diesel pickup shreds the tires his dad worked so hard to buy as he wheels the coal roller around in some big arcing donuts in what appears to be an empty parking lot, but here we are.

Let’s not get it twisted here, I have no issue at all with a big diesel truck whipping around in big smoky circles with the tires squealing and the exhaust roaring. That sounds like a damn good time in fact. Maybe it’s my age or the fact that I’ve seen first hand what happens when a person is forcefully removed from a car or truck by physics, but the last thing I’m going to do is open the damn door. They are literally installed on the vehicle to keep the people inside in and the people outside out. When you open them, they lose that ability and are literally nothing more than flaps over a hole.

Factoring in the forces associated with sliding a big truck around the skidpad and the fact that the doors are no longer dooring and you have the recipe for a less than desired outcome, and that’s exactly what we get. The truck’s occupants hold it together pretty well, I do have to say, but ironically enough, as the donuts came to and end and the truck was coming to a stop, that last little “rock” from the truck settling down tossed the rear passenger out onto the asphalt and it appears he either landed awkwardly on his ankle or the truck’s rear tire may have rolled over his foot. Either way, he was visibly limping when he stood up and his friends jumped out to assist him in getting back into the truck, hopefully to go have his foot checked out.

Use your brain, kids. Don’t eat Tide Pods and don’t do donuts with the doors open.

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