Truck Gets Hit And Crashes Into Side Of House

<strong>Truck Gets Hit And Crashes Into Side Of House</strong>5X entries ...

<strong>Truck Gets Hit And Crashes Into Side Of House</strong>

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If you thought that today wasn’t your day, then this video might just make you realize that your situation might not be so terrible, after all.

When this truck driver was driving along, minding his own business, he says that a car struck him while blasting through an intersection.

Normally, this would be the cause of some big damage, but this time it went beyond big as the <a title=”Giant Dump Truck Books it from the Police” href=””>dump truck</a> veers off of the road and takes out a part of somebody’s house!

The <a title=”Dashcam Video Shows Oregon Cop Kicking Motorcyclist” href=””>dashcam</a> footage below shows us the extent of the <a title=”Toddler Crashes Pickup Truck Into House!” href=””>crash</a>. No injuries were reported, but somebody is going to have an awfully big mess to clean up.

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