Truck Stolen and Cameras Broken at Towing Lot… Company Thinks the Vehicle’s Owner is Responsible

This guy is likely to have a lot of fans out there on the internet who remember this ...

This guy is likely to have a lot of fans out there on the internet who remember this story from 2015.

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This towing company was called out to tow a pickup truck by the local police in Independence, Missouri. While the truck was impounded, it seems the owner decided to steal his truck back, and did so in pretty vengeful, but well thought out, fashion. Not only did he break in and reclaim his truck, as reporter Lexi Sutter points out, he also tried his best to eliminate any possible evidence, though it doesn’t exactly take a genius to figure out who would have wanted to grab that particular pickup from the lot.

However, common sense didn’t stop the driver from snatching the towing company’s surveillance recorder, going as far as cutting the cables to the cameras as well, to hopefully sever any pursuable leads pointing to his identity. Reading the comments on the video, it’s clear the public immediately rallied to the truck owner’s defense. When you’re done watching the video, head over there and drop your opinion in the comments as well!

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