Classic Trucks Found in a Field, “Brand New” With Under 5 Miles on Them!

Sometimes, things don’t pan out as according to plan. For this collection of ...

Sometimes, things don’t pan out as according to plan. For this collection of Chevrolet pickup trucks, that would be the case. It would seem as if they were sitting on the lot for sale one day. The next, they would be rotting away with no hope in sight for a fruitful existence. After forty years of sitting idle, this Chevrolet dealership in Pierce, Nebraska would come to see the light of day yet again, though. Thanks to an auction, the trucks would once again have the opportunity to shine.

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This once in a lifetime opportunity takes us inside of the dealership and shows us how it has been sitting for years. It was left just as it was back in the day. It almost looks like everyone just up and left at once. There are literally rows of cars that are just sitting there, grass growing around them. It acts as a sort of time capsule to the past. There aren’t too many places on Earth where one could find this many vehicles just sitting and waiting for restoration.

Check out the video below that shows off all of these old, but brand new rides. Some of these can even be spotted with the original packaging. This is an amazing sight to see. We’re kind of curious as to what happened to all of these old school rides. Hopefully, the auction ended up sending them to good homes.

To most people, they probably look at this scene and see a bunch of old wrecks. It could almost give off an undertone of hopelessness. With a little bit of TLC, we see this as a field filled with nothing but potential. We can’t help but fall in love with old finds like these! It almost makes us want to go barn find hunting!

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