Turbo Mustang Using Both Lanes! Wicked Test Hits

  When it comes to cranking out huge horsepower numbers, it’s hard to go wrong ...


When it comes to cranking out huge horsepower numbers, it’s hard to go wrong with a turbocharger or two. With few limits on the amount of power a boosted engine can make, it’s a great way to build an extremely quick ride that can be a heck of a good time on the drag strip.

Our very own Jesse Kleiber from the BigKleib34 YouTube channel headed down to Cecil County Dragway to watch this sinister Terminator make a few test hits and this thing shows us exactly why so many people love turbos, even if they make a little too much power for the tires and chassis to handle.

We don’t know much of anything about this build, but it’s safe to assume there’s a pretty good sized turbo under the hood and most likely a few extra cubic inches of displacement or at the very least some additional airflow through the heads thanks to some port work, this thing looks and sounds like it is cranking out somewhere north of the 4-digit threshold. Seeing in the description that the car runs under the JPC banner likely means it could be a Coyote swap too, a combo that’s taken on a whole life of its own in the Mustang world.

You can see, pass after pass, the crew has made tweaks trying to find that right combination of bite to keep the car hooked up off the line without standing on the back bumper. The scoreboards are off, so we don’t know what the car is running, but it certainly looks and sounds to b capable of easily running into the single-digit zone. Perhaps the crew will get the suspension working just right and find that balance and go ahead and light up those boards and show the world just how quick this car is out the back door through the quarter mile!

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