Turbochargers vs Superchargers – Which Is Better?

While it’s always going to be a matter of opinion and personal preference, the ...

While it’s always going to be a matter of opinion and personal preference, the ages-old question of whether superchargers or turbochargers are does have a little room for scientific breakdown, and we all know the go-to source for all things science in the automotive world: Jason from Engineering Explained. He’s here with a quick video this week breaking down his thoughts on the debate that has raged as long as both forms of forced induction have existed.

If you look on any gearhead forum or Facebook group dedicated to the community we all share, you’ll almost certainly find a decision between the two power adders, both sides adamantly declaring their chosen stance to be the way to go, and both sides can often prove links and lists and video evidence to back their claim while slamming you with horror stories about how their buddy’s uncle’s neighbor had the worst experience in all of history when he chose the other side. Honestly, it’s a great way to pass the time, and both sides to make some valid points amongst all the chatter.

Jason, as we’ve come to expect from him and his YouTube videos, breaks things down into a scientific debate, providing an analytical approach to how and why both superchargers and turbochargers should claim to be the better power adder, then also touching on the drawbacks to each. Finally, at the end, Jason puts his “scientist” had aside and puts on his “enthusiast” hat, sharing his opinion about which is better and what tipped the scales for him.

I’m not going to spoil the video for you though, you’ll have to watch and see which side of the fence he’s on yourself!

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