Twin Turbo 1000hp Cadillac Escalade Burnout…

Sure, you can build a sports car and definitely draw your fair share of attention as ...

Sure, you can build a sports car and definitely draw your fair share of attention as it provides lots of power for everyone to take a look at and stands out as it maybe shreds some rubber and shows off its muscles. However, if you want take a look at something different, seeing an SUV boasting the same sort of power is really a unique opportunity to lay your eyes on a machine that maybe is a little bit out of its element but really provides something cool to leave performance fans with a build to really chew on and think about.

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If you follow along with the Steve Meade’s YouTube channel, you might be familiar with his twin turbo Cadillac Escalade that’s really starting to take shape. When you hear the words “twin turbo” and “Escalade” muttered together, you probably get a picture of something pretty ridiculous and, in our opinion, long story short, this thing really is just as bonkers as you expect it to be. On the surface, an Escalade is definitely something that spells out “classy” and while it’s definitely luxurious, we think that it’s a little bit subtle as well. This one, though, not so much.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll see the latest update from Meade’s new four-wheeled child that is really becoming something special. The particular scene that we see here has this Escalade shredding tires as it comes off of the dyno after a little bit of tuning. Now, Steve tells us that he’s in the middle of traveling in New Mexico and can’t really make a proper video but this little teaser is really enough to tide you over. We’d bet that, before long, you’ll really be seeing something special coming out of this beast of a heavyweight!

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