Twin Turbo 1500HP FORD 428 Windsor Annihilates The Dyno

Twin Turbo 1500HP FORD 428 Windsor Annihilates The DynoEnter to win this 850hp GT-R ...

Twin Turbo 1500HP FORD 428 Windsor Annihilates The Dyno

Enter to win this 850hp GT-R or $50,000 in cash!
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It seems like today, tons of folks have these big mean power plants making north of 1000hp. While all of the competition calls for some dramatic racing action, we never get to see the engines up close and personal until now.

This engine dyno pull is one of epic proportions as the guys at Nelson Racing Engines crank this 1500hp twin turbo Ford to the max as it makes one heck of a demonic sound.

Check out the video below as someone snuck a camera into the dyno room to watch it all go down. Our favorite part is when the headers glow red with power!! We can’t get enough of this stuff!

Think that was wild? Check out this engine that spills guts all over the dyno room!

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 12.05.10 PM

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