Twin Turbo 454 LSX Sand Rail WIll Make You Want To Hit The Desert!

When it comes to toys, are there any that are cooler than a badass sand rail? Even ...

When it comes to toys, are there any that are cooler than a badass sand rail? Even the ones that aren’t built to the max are a hell of a good time on the dunes, but then you run across something like this and it just takes the fun factor to a whole new level.

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Built by Sand Cars Unlimited, this KTM Racing rail is built to the max in every way, from the wicked orange graphics to the long-throw shocks all the way around, even sitting still this thing just screams “BADASS”. But hit the ignition and the true nature of this beast really shows when the 1,200 horsepower 454 CID LSX engine roars to life.

Hung way out over the rear end for maximum traction – and maximum wheelie action – the boosted powerplant provides more than enough power shred the dunes and send sand flying high into the air as the driver expertly feathers the throttle to keep the nose off the ground, but not too high. You don’t want to drag the engine through the sand, but what fun is using the front wheels when you have quadruple-digit horsepower on tap?

While a build like this is certainly not budget-friendly – and lets be honest, what over-the-top toy ever is? – its’ definitely a glimpse of what you can do if you have a ton of money to throw at something just to have fun with. I can’t imagine the fun to be had hitting the dunes of Glamis in something like this. Besides kicking up these huge rooster tails of sand and blasting across the dunes at insane speeds, I have to assume this thing draws all kinds of attention everywhere it goes. Who’s not going to want to get an up-close look at a sand rail so ridiculous? If the guys at DuneFreq, the channel who posted this video, decide they want to take a guest our for a weekend to have a little fun in this thing – or any other badass sand rail for that matter – I’d gladly volunteer for that adventure!

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