Twin Turbo LS Square Body Hits the Mud With a Vengeance

When it comes to the engine combinations that we find in vehicles abroad, there are ...

When it comes to the engine combinations that we find in vehicles abroad, there are some swaps that are more popular than others. Naturally, the LS swap is something that has been done to a whole variety of vehicles. From trucks to cars and even things like boats or airplanes, the LS engine has been in just about everything.

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While common, there is really something to be said about a well-executed build no matter what’s under the hood. At the end of the day, the LS engine is popular for a reason, and, in this video from Buddy713, we get to see exactly why this is.

This one gives us a taste of what it is about the engine, found in everything from GM’s flagship sports cars all the way to its trucks and vans, that has made it something to write home about.

While we would probably expect some sort of machine that races on the blacktop when it comes to a twin-turbo LS, this isn’t anything of the sort. Instead, this forced induction monster is heading to the mud. Within the confines of an old-school Chevrolet C10 square body, the twin-turbocharged engine roars to life.

This thing is making some serious steam and when the truck is combined with a trick suspension and big old mud tires, it almost seems like nothing can stop it. Whether it’s mud or something else, nothing is going to make this truck skip a beat or slow down.

By following along with the video below, we get to grab the first-hand experience of what a machine like this is really capable of. Between the whistle and roar, we grab a moment to appreciate exactly what this cornerstone of the performance community is able to do as it heads off of the beaten path.

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