Twin Turbo SRT8 Jeep Runs Over Every Truck on the Premises! 🐌 🐌

When it comes it going fast in a big body, the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 is a popular ...

When it comes it going fast in a big body, the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 is a popular way to do so. These things are pretty heavy but with just the right touch, they won’t hesitate to pack quite a punch that will throw you back in your seat and have the competition in awe. Watching one of these beasts in action will have you with your jaw dropped to the floor, wondering exactly how it is that an SUV is able to accomplish such feats out there on the drag strip. In this one, we have a very prime example of exactly what such a Jeep is able to accomplish and it’s a ton of tire shredding fun to watch.

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The shop behind the action this time is Demon Performance and they have thrown a little bit of a curve ball in the direction of this Jeep that adds some more fun to the equation. Instead of a naturally aspirated setup like you’d expect from one of these bad boys from the factory, this thing is pushing lots of air thanks to a pair of turbos that are mounted where the fog lights once used to be. When you take one look at the front of this Jeep, you could tell that there is quite the dirty little secret hanging out under that hood that’s ready to put a hurting on anything in the next lane over.

Follow along with the action down below as the BigKleib34 cameras take us on the scene of Street Car Takeover down in Charlotte as this big and heavy SUV makes its way through just about everything in the truck class. Watch in as this big, bad Jeep is a ton of fun and we encourage you to get in on the action down in the video below!

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