Twin Turbo Trucks Battle It Out In Epic Drag Race

Single cab Silverado pickups, along with their GMC Sierra cousins, are quietly ...

Single cab Silverado pickups, along with their GMC Sierra cousins, are quietly becoming more and more popular for ridiculous turbo builds. We see them popping up more and more often, and we aren’t in any way mad about it. In fact, I’ve been wanting one myself, although I plan to keep my shorty much more mild than wild.
The two twin Silverados in this video below from National No Prep Racing Association appear to be very similar. Both are the same color, and both are rocking pretty badass twin turbo builds under the hoods… errrr you know what I mean. The layouts of the build as far as turbo mounting locations are different, but when you’re rocking a twin turbo LS-based build, where and how the turbos are mounted is more a matter of aesthetics and personal preference. The combo has proven time and again to be insanely solid for making huge power without a massive fortune being spent, and for so many racers, that budget-friendly base is a huge part of how they’re able to remain on the track.
These two twins duked it out at Project X Productions’ Bounty Hunters No Prep, a race is known for featuring an incredibly tricky surface, which you will certainly notice coming into play in their race. Both trucks fought for traction the whole length of the track at Alamo City Motorplex, with the truck in the right lane taking the win despite the truck in the left lane certainly appearing to be ahead, at least from the perspective of the cameras.
Of course, camera angles and perspectives can play tricks on the eyes, so that’s why we don’t rely on them to determine races, especially cameras at the starting line.
We’ve already seen a lot of awesome footage from Bounty Hunters, and something tells me we’ve only scratched the surface of what will eventually make its way to our inbox. Keep checking back for more awesome footage from this event and others across the country.

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