Two Car Crash Damages Beautiful Classic, In A Parking Lot of All Places!

We don’t know too much about this incident, but we can tell there’s a story to be ...

We don’t know too much about this incident, but we can tell there’s a story to be told for sure. This accident, which appears to have taken place in a mall parking lot, ended with a Ford Fusion perched precariously atop a beautiful 1959 Corvette, likely causing pretty significant damage to the iconic Chevrolet flagship.

The ‘Vette, which would almost certainly be worth considerably more than the mom-mobile Fusion, is sitting visibly lower under the weight of the sedan, indicating possible damage to the suspension. Just looking at the cars positions, it’s apparent that the drivers side fender of the Corvette is heavily damaged, as is the hood. It’s not apparent even after the cars are separated if the door is damaged as well, or if the damage to the fender makes it appear as though the door is warped. Even if the door is undamaged, the fender and hood are going to likely cost a couple thousand dollars to repair correctly to return the car to its previous state.

It’s hard to tell in the video what damage occurred to the Fusion, but there is almost certainly some damage to the undercarriage of the car, and likely to the wheel bearings as well after sitting at such a harsh angle for so long. I would at least have them checked before resuming operation of the car.

I do want to take a moment to say that this tow truck driver deserves a great amount of gratitude from the owners of both of these cars. I know tow truck drivers have a job to do and often have limited time to do it, but I’ve seen many wrecker operators cause more damage than the initial crashes due to their haste to get the job done. This guy, however, went above and beyond to carefully lift the Fusion off of the ‘Vette and allow the classic Chevy to be pushed out of the way before lowering the sedan back to the ground. I sincerely hope the owners of both cars thanked him and offered a tip for his careful attention while untangling this mess.


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