Two Rare Low Mileage Classic Chevy Trucks Found in Montana

To some extent, I think that there’s a small part in every car enthusiast that ...

To some extent, I think that there’s a small part in every car enthusiast that appreciates old school rides. However, when it comes to finding one, it can be a little bit of a struggle. For the ride that is completely restored, naturally, these vehicles are going to bring a pretty penny. For those looking for a strong base to start a project, though, it could be a little bit challenging.

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Due to the nature of the beast, over time, these vehicles suffer some wear and tear. Sure, people can ride along with them and use them as they were intended to be used. Naturally, this is going to wear them down over the years.

However, even if they aren’t used much, old vehicles could still fall into disrepair. As it turns out, mother nature isn’t always so kind to some of the rides that sit around, not getting much use. Whether it’s due to the weather or simply the materials drying out and breaking down, it can be truly hard to come across an untouched classic that’s in good shape.

This time, though, we find that Dennis Collins has stumbled across a couple of classic trucks that are in pretty awesome shape. These machines, spotted in Montana, have real potential to be brought to life again. If there is someone who could breathe life into them, we know that Collins will do a spectacular job with whatever project he has in mind.

If there’s one thing that we love, it’s being able to follow along with the action as machines like this are unearthed. Seeing them as they sit in their homes is an interesting look at how the journey begins. We almost get this sense of excitement about the find ourselves. Knowing that these vehicles have been hanging out and waiting for some love can really get the juices flowing.

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