Two Rednecks Prove Everyone Wrong And Take Their Rig In Deep Flood Waters

The recent flooding in and around Houston, Texas has brought out a lot of footage of ...

The recent flooding in and around Houston, Texas has brought out a lot of footage of trucks and the like forging through flooded areas to help with the rescue and cleanup efforts. That has, in turn, led to a ton of footage of other vehicles taking on insanely deep water, whether it has anything to do with the Hurricane Harvey situation or not.

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While we don’t have any useful information about this video, it doesn’t appear to have anything to do with the Houston floods, though if this truck was in the area, these certainly seem like the type of good ol’ boys who would drive as far as needed through the deepest water possible to help rescue those in needed. While it’s hard to say which model this truck is specifically, we do know it’s a five-ton, the 6-wheeled truck used by the US Military to move soldiers and cargo around both at home and abroad. The military sells these trucks to the public when they’re replaced with newer models, but the massive cargo trucks usually have plenty of good years left in them when they’re retired form military duty.

These guys got their hands on a five-ton and headed to what appears to be a swollen creek to see just how capable the truck is in regards to deep-water driving, and they prove they got just what they bargained for when the truck runs like a champ despite the whole top of the hood being underwater. The truck has no windshield, so the cabin fills with water up to the guys’ chests, but that doesn’t slow down the fun in any way. These guys are just as happy as they can be with their truck’s performance, and something tells us we will be seeing more of them in the future now that they know just how deep they can take the truck and count on it to pull them on through to the other side.

Dale young AJ Yellott Jerry Corbello Jr. Kevin Jones Ashley Odom Saxton Detwiler Bianca Hare they said it was too deep but we proved them wrong we have got the baddest bunch around

Posted by Johnathan Jones on Thursday, September 7, 2017

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