Two-Seater Drift Trike Gives Son A MASSIVE Smile As Dad Sends It Sideways

When it comes to having fun, it’s no secret that there are a variety of ...

When it comes to having fun, it’s no secret that there are a variety of different ways that you can go about spending your money to have something that facilitates it. One trend that we have seen rise as of late that has really made its way into the homes of many Americans is the drift trike. With the right set of rear tires and enough power, you can slide one of these bad boys around with the best of them, getting sideways in some action that’s bound to leave your need for adrenaline satisfied for quite a while.

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It looks like this guy decided to not only get in on the drift trike action that has been hitting the streets as of late but instead, to roll in a modified version that makes the experience even better. After all, what is a little bit of fun if you can’t share it with somebody special? This time, the modification in question is designed to tackle just that dilemma when we watch what it looks lie when a sidecar is added to one of these drift trikes in order to make the action even more intense for not just one but two people as this guy takes his young son along for the ride, swinging the trike around and sharing in laughter with the youngster that will remember this for the rest of his life. These are the real moments that someone will be able to look back on and appreciate when they get a little bit older. Just look at that massive grin!

Check out this crazy modification down below that shows off an awesome father, son bonding moment. Be sure to tell us what you think of this drift car slapping on a sidecar that doubles the fun. What other kind of modifications do you think could be added to the application of a drift trike to make it even more of a blast as it slides around in circles?

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