Two Thieves Struggle to Steal Trailer in Silverado Dually… Caught Red Handed on Camera!

Many times, for those who put their efforts toward stealing what they want, you would ...

Many times, for those who put their efforts toward stealing what they want, you would think that If they put that same effort toward doing something productive then they might have the funds that it takes to purchase one of the items that they had stolen. Not to mention, when you build something yourself earn the money to go out and buy something, it comes with a certain pride of ownership that could never be matched by obtaining something that has been procured through underhanded methods.

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This time, we check out some security footage of some criminals who ended up not being very good at what they did as it took them an incredibly long time to steal a trailer and they also managed to leave behind some pretty damning evidence that has led to the identification of both of the men! At the end of the day, it couldn’t have been worth it even if they did escape.

At first, with help from spreading the story, Kitt Equipment Trailer Sales was able to identify the man driving the truck and when he was apprehended, the trailer was recovered and his truck was taken as evidenced in a crime as well. Later, it turned out that authorities figured out that this wasn’t this guy’s first time stealing a trailer from the dealership and they’re currently trying to locate the last trailer that he had stolen. As far as the guy in the red shirt and hat, he was also identified but there is no word as the weather he was arrested yet or not, though.

After watching these two floundering around while attempting to steal a simple trailer and hearing how quickly they were apprehended, it really goes to show you that crime never pays. For those who were thinking about going out and snatching up some possessions that weren’t theirs in the near future, there’s a good chance that they could end up being just like these guys and sitting in jail with nothing to show for it.

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