TX2K17 Street Racing – The Yeti VS The Fr8Train on The Street!

Each year around the middle of March, street racers from across the nation make their ...

Each year around the middle of March, street racers from across the nation make their annual pilgrimage to TX2K, one of the largest street car-focused events in the world. This years TX2K17 was no exception, and there’s a wealth of footage from the event hitting the internet, and we’re going to bring you some of the better clips.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 10.42.57 AM

Photo Credit : NXGonzo video

We’ll kick things off with this clip from NNGonzoVideo showing two pretty well known names in the street game getting down on the street. The boosted LS Camaro known as Fr8Train and the ProCharged big block Chevy-powered Fox coupe known as The Yeti have both made names for themselves on the street, so a head-to-head run has been a long time coming. Despite the build up and their reputations dictating this should be a great race, The Yeti pushed a little too hard and lost traction just after launch and had to watch as Fr8Train laid down a solid run to take the win.

We know The Yeti isn’t happy with this outcome and will likely want a rematch, and it will probably happen sooner than later. Hopefully there is video and we can share it with you when they throw down again.

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