Ultimate Off-Road Grandma Vehicle – Trophy Ford LTD

When you get the opportunity to talk to a lot of automotive enthusiasts and make your ...

When you get the opportunity to talk to a lot of automotive enthusiasts and make your way around plenty of car shows and events, eventually, you’ll come to the conclusion that you can literally build just about anything out of, well, anything. If that wasn’t concise enough of a statement for you, basically what we’re talking about is how some enthusiasts can take literally any platform, no matter how obscure it might be, and repurpose it to be exactly the vehicle that they managed to dream up even if the new purpose has nothing in common with what the car or truck was originally designed to do.

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This Ford LTD┬áprovides the perfect example of just that phenomenon. Now, originally, this might’ve been seen as a sort of “grandma car,” if you will. Maybe it was a vehicle that could get the family around on a modest budget if you wanted something that simply worked and had what you needed but didn’t go above and beyond with all kinds of luxury or features, unless you wanted to pay extra for those options. However, as the platform would live on, it would eventually find its way into the garages of many enthusiasts who would repurpose it for drag racing.

If you follow along down in the video below, as presented by our buddies over at Hoonigan, you’ll be able to follow the LTD that has since been repurposed as a sort of trophy truck wannabe, slapping together a Frankenstein combination of LS parts and bringing to the table a plethora of features that are designed to be able to handle the roughest of terrain.

In other words, we’re absolutely in love with what this car has to offer and we think that you will be too once you get a chance to see it down below.

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