Underground Racing Lamborghini Huracan, First Ever to 250 mph!

If you’re watching a video of a record set by a Lamborghini, there’s a ...

If you’re watching a video of a record set by a Lamborghini, there’s a pretty good chance but that car, in particular, came from the Underground Racing compound. Time and time again, we see these machines rocketing their way down the half-mile and making some pretty impressive trap speed along the way as they blast through the half mile marker and take home title after title.

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The shop has really shown that they’re bullies, in the best way possible, when it comes to how their cars perform! With this one, we check out the scene from the WannaGoFast half-mile in North Carolina as they bring to life another record with the fact that UGR now possesses the right to say that they built the first car ever see 250 mph in the standing half-mile.

“On May, 21st at the WannaGoFast North Carolina Standing Half Mile event, the 250 MPH barrier was broken by an Underground Racing X Version Twin Turbo Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 owned by Mohammad, aka Drag965, and driven by Gidi Chamdi.”

Check in with the crew from underground down in the video below as Gidi Chamdi hops behind the wheel of this brute of a car owned by Mohammad, aka Drag965, and really makes magic happen. As you see record after record fall beyond what most people thought would ever be possible, you have to wonder just how far they will be able to take this thing. Will there ever be a day where we see a team celebrating because their car just cracked 300 mph? I suppose only time will tell, but for now, we have to just give one big “congratulations” to the people behind this magnificent half mile pass!

You know the game and you know the players, so now, all that’s left to do is watch as this Italian stallion gets up on its hind legs and absolutely destroys the competition, making its presence felt as it screams its way all the way down the half-mile and eventually comes to a final stand of 250.27 mph!

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