1,500hp Bugatti Chiron Spirited Joyride on Public Roads

In this day and age, a day and age when we have so much information available to us, ...

In this day and age, a day and age when we have so much information available to us, it can really be easy to get lost in comparing cars to one another, figuring out which one is “better.”  With all that empirical data at our fingertips these days, it can really be difficult not to get into this kind of thought process where you’re combining Nürburgring times where cars are divided by fractions of a second and determining that one is better simply by the lap time that it’s able pull off in comparison to the other cars in its class.

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However, when you take a look at a machine like the Chiron, you can’t help but be impressed by the way this car is set up. Sure, it is one of the fastest in the world to ever be produced but it really goes so much further beyond that. Even if it wasn’t in that aggressive group of the top dogs to go around the ring or be involved in the talk of the top competitors in the 0-250-0mph group, This is definitely one impressive piece of machinery and one that we would not mind wheeling around on a Sunday afternoon, going on a nice weekend cruise.

In the video below, you get the chance to ride along with one of the most extravagant cars in entire world, boasting quite the price tag, as you’re put shotgun in this machine, taking a spin and stabbing the throttle a couple of times as you go for quite the spirited joyride in a car that I don’t think anybody could argue with as being among the most impressive in the entire world. After you check this thing out for yourself, be sure to tell us what you think of this quick little ride along video that might just give you that need for speed yourself.

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