Untouchable Twin Turbo Coyote Eats Everything in its Path

Sure, you can do some pretty awesome things with an all-motor setup but when ...

Sure, you can do some pretty awesome things with an all-motor setup but when you’re ready to really step it up and play with the big boys, both boost and nitrous will be waiting as you approach that fork in the road and decide which way you’re going to start modifying to make your car go even faster!

This time, we catch up with a video straight out of Orlando as Justin Jordan breaks out his twin turbo Ford Mustang and takes the competition for a ride, running away from every last car in sight as the car even goes as far as setting a Street Car Takeover elapsed time record in the street racer class.

From a Nissan GT-R to a Chevrolet Corvette and even other Mustangs, lots of cars step up to the plate and car after car fall to the horsepower that’s being spit out at the rear tire when Jordan lays into the throttle and cracks off multiple 7-second passes with trap speeds reaching out and touching a highly impressive 185mph!

Check out the video down below as the BigKleib34 YouTube channel puts you right in the heart of the action as this angry and snarling stang really packs a heavy punch that not too many opponents are able to handle. It’s really amazing what can be accomplished when you throw boost into the equation!

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