Up Close Video at NASCAR Fence Gives you All-New Perspective on Ultimate Speed

If you’re a fan of NASCAR, or any racing format, really, it can be incredibly ...

If you’re a fan of NASCAR, or any racing format, really, it can be incredibly hard to get a good perspective on just how fast these men and women get going. Sure,If you pay close enough attention, you might’ve learned that NASCAR stock cars are able to travel in excess of 200 mph, an incredible speed to just about anybody. However, getting a grasp of how fast that actually is can be pretty hard to do on television sometimes. In fact, getting a good sense of speed is pretty hard unless you’re there for the action while it’s happening live.

This time, however, we catch up with an incredibly neat video and, while it might be a little bit short, really gives you the opportunity to see just how fast these cars actually travel, giving you a good vantage point so that you can really appreciate the pure adrenaline being dumped out of each and every stock car involved in this race. As a spectator who has put together a little bit of courage stands directly next to the safety fence that the cars will come roaring by mere feet from, this person pulls out their phone and begin to record, giving you a glance at something amazing.

If you follow along with the video below, we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed as you get about as close as you possibly can, at least when it comes to video, of seeing just how fast some of these cars are really traveling. I guess the only thing better than an experience like this, standing right next to the action, would be the opportunity to actually hop into the driver seat. I would venture to think that, at that point, everything would pretty much become a blur of speed as you roll.

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