Using 3,000 Nails As A Tire! Will It Work?

If you’re looking for the wackiest automotive experiments on the internet, look ...

If you’re looking for the wackiest automotive experiments on the internet, look no more as the Garage 54 YouTube channel has you covered. These folks come up with the craziest experiments that nobody would’ve ever thought they needed to see but when you grab hold of the fact that somebody tried to carry them out, you can’t help but pay close attention to see exactly how everything is going to pan out. Most of these would never apply to the real world but just seeing how it all happens is┬ásomething that you might find to be trouble to take your eyes off of.

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This time, we get yet another off-the-wall experiment that takes 3000 nails that were otherwise just sitting around and uses them in order to try out a new form of tire. Now, we’ve heard of studded tires┬áthat are used to aid in traction but these tire replacements are welded directly to a wheel and sent out into the frozen wonderland, seeing not only how they will deal with helping out with traction but also if they will be able to maintain any sort of rigidity at all. It doesn’t seem like something is going to work but again, we have definitely seen crazier pan out on this channel.

If you follow along down below, you’ll be able to sink your teeth into this one that definitely delivers. Now this might not be something that many people are going to try out for themselves but something like this might get your gears turning as to what type of concept you can take from this and actually apply to the real world. Furthermore, maybe what kind of other experiments that are completely wacky and off-the-wall that the guys at the Garge 54 channel are going to take a crack at next.

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