Using a Russian Highway to Take Off in Your Plane is a Horrible Idea!

By this time, we’re all pretty familiar with the craziness that goes on in Russia. ...

By this time, we’re all pretty familiar with the craziness that goes on in Russia. From climbing to dizzying heights on cranes and under-construction skyscrapers to jumping off of buildings into the snow in nothing but their underwear, the people of Russia do some crazy stuff. While we have to admit that weather like that would make us do some crazy stuff too, they tend to take things a bit to extreme.

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For example, in the video below, there’s a crazy Russian trying to launch his small aircraft, not from an airstrip or an abandoned stretch of road, but instead from a public highway. While the plan may have, at some point, seemed like a good idea, it’s obvious just a few seconds into the short clip that it wasn’t a good idea after all. The small plane seems to be having a hard time getting enough speed to get in the air, but the pilot is also unable to stop for the car just ahead of him in traffic. The result is a crushing impact between the two vehicles, certainly leaving the plane disabled and probably totaling the car as well.

We can’t help but wonder if this is a case of vodka causing a lack of clear thinking, or if the pilot just thought he had enough room and miscalculated. Regardless, the outcome is hilariously painful to watch, and so very perfectly illustrates life in Mother Russia. We aren’t going to lie, we love seeing these types of videos, as long as no one is seriously injured. In this particular video, it doesn’t look like the impact was hard enough to cause any major injuries, though we don’t know for sure either way. Hopefully everybody walked, or stumbled, away from the incident and lived to tell the story about the time this one guy tried to take off in his plane on the highway.

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