Valentine’s Day Prank Makes Hubby Furious, She Wrapped His Car in the Worst Way Possible

If you happen to be the one that’s the prankster, people in your life or ...

If you happen to be the one that’s the prankster, people in your life or probably find themselves constantly on edge, hoping that you’re not going to pull a prank at the wrong time, however, you should also know that if you’re the one who pulls the prank, it won’t be long before people in your life end up putting you on the pranked side to the pull the prank right back. This time, it would appear as if someone who has been known for pulling quite the amount of pranks ends up getting the ultimate goof pulled back on him with a little bit of a Valentine’s Day surprise that probably won’t leave him in the romantic spirit.

You see, instead of springing for a traditional surprise like chocolates or something of the like, this wife decided to pull a quick one on her husband by stealing his car while he wasn’t looking and taking it to a friend of hers to get it wrapped. Now, it’s not a wrap like you would expect with something cool but instead, well, this is where it all really gets interesting. Instead of a neat design that her husband would’ve loved, this wife decided to get the whole car wrapped in hearts, pictures of herself and her husband together, and with phrases like “happy wife happy life” plastered across the side.

As the owner of this car, I probably wouldn’t be too happy but since we’re watching it on this side of the screen and haven’t fallen victim to this foolery, you can’t help but laugh at this guy’s expense just a little bit. I guess that you can’t help but feel for the guy a touch but given that he’s usually the one handing out the pranks, maybe this is exactly what he had coming! You can bet that he’ll think twice the next time that he’s about to pull a fast one on someone.

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