Valet Mode. How Slow Is It?

As a car guy or gal, if you’ve ever been to a place that has a valet, you have ...

As a car guy or gal, if you’ve ever been to a place that has a valet, you have probably been pretty hesitant to hand over the keys and just let some stranger drive your car. While people might look at you like you’re crazy and wonder why that is, you know deep down inside that every single thing that they could do to your car that could go wrong probably will, at least in your head. Even though they might not be things that other people would normally notice, as somebody who meticulously maintains your ride and does so many different things to make sure that it’s just about perfect, you’re managing to think about how the valet could possibly mess that up.

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Don’t get us wrong, there are probably more good valet drivers than bad ones but this time, we check out a feature that is designed to keep the bad ones at bay. Should someone decide that they want to go on a joy ride in your car, a valet mode will disallow anything of this such, turning your car into a complete slug to make sure that absolutely nobody is having fun with it because let’s be honest, if you roll up with a Dodge Challenger┬ácomplimented by a rumbling V8 under the hood, any valet is pretty much going to feel the need to punch that throttle a little bit and that’s not something that you want to deal with.

In this one, we take a minute to follow along with the video that chases down valet mode to give us an idea of just how slow it really is. Could one simple switch really take a car that throws you back in the seat and convert it into a dud that’s a drag to drive? This time, we get a real-world answer to just that question!

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