Vaughn Gittin Jr Drifts Around The Nurburgring… Nailed It!

Lets talk about legendary for a moment, shall we. In the world of motorsports, there ...

Lets talk about legendary for a moment, shall we. In the world of motorsports, there are plenty of applications for the word “legendary”. There are legendary drivers, cars, venues, and performances. And sometimes, all of those come together to create legendary moments in time, things that almost transcend motorsports and just come legendary, sans qualifiers.

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This is one of those moments, and it’s truly captured the essence of the word legendary, and we love it.

We’ll start with the driver, a man we think most of you out there have at least heard of. Vaughn Gittin Jr is hands-down one of the most popular and successful drifters in the world. Gittin has made a name for himself over the past few years by combining his incredible drifting skills and flair for the dramatic, lending both of these talents to some pretty big video projects.

Then we have the car. Sure, at first glance it’s just a Mustang, but look a little deeper and you’ll find that it’s a customized drift-centric RTR version of the fabled Pony car cranking out some 900 horsepower. Pretty much everything about this particular version is modified for VGJ and his drift adventures, but there are streetable versions of this car available if you know where to look.

The venue for this video is none other than the fabled Nurburgring. The monstrous track measures some 12 miles from start to finish and features drastic elevation changes and some intense turns. It is the track used by all automotive manufacturers to prove their mettle, and its become a sort of living, breathing legend itself.

And finally, there’s the performance. Gittin climbs behind the wheel of this Mustang and tackles the Nurburgring, combining the first three elements in a brutally beautiful video that highlights some of the most gnarly corners and smooth slides from Gittin’s lap spent drifting the massive racetrack.

That, my friends, is exactly what legendary is all about.

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