Verne Troyer Unboxing His New Tesla And It’s a Perfect Fit

For just about anyone who is familiar with dwarfism, I think that you can see how ...

For just about anyone who is familiar with dwarfism, I think that you can see how exactly how this condition could give rise to some unique challenges that come along with everyday living in a world that’s not exactly catered to your size. While many might use this as an excuse to get upset and get into a rut, a very valid excuse at that, Verne Troyer has seized the moment and taken his one life and made the best of it, absolutely taking the circumstances in stride and making the most of them. I mean, how many movies have you seen this guy in within the past 20 years? It’s almost too many count!

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This time, we check out a situation that has Mr. Troyer very ready to laugh at himself just a little bit. While he could take the time to be offended as we’re sure he faces his fair share of adversity, he instead takes the opportunity to embrace it, making the most out of who he is by doing things like we see here when he purchases a new Tesla for himself. However, it isn’t exactly a Tesla that you would expect but instead one that is very much Verne’s perfect fit and we can’t help but admire how Verne and the crew put the video together of the beast of a car.

Follow along down in the video below that shows off an unboxing of this miniaturized Tesla, designed for kids, however, Verne isn’t playing games as he takes the speed controller and turns it to a level 2.  Follow along down in the video below as it’s something that could just so happen to make you smile while following along with Troyer’s antics. After you get a load of this unboxing video of the shrunken down Tesla, be sure to tell us what you think of this new ride.


Unboxing my new Tesla!

Unboxing my new Tesla!

Posted by Verne J Troyer on Wednesday, December 27, 2017

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