Video Like You’ve Never Seen Unfolds as GoPro is Strapped in a Cannon Ball

When the original GoPro came out, the company was really on to something as the ...

When the original GoPro came out, the company was really on to something as the camera would surge heavily in popularity. While all of this heat that had risen surrounding these cameras has definitely cooled off a little bit, I think that it’s safe to say that pretty much everybody has either owned or had access to one of these cameras and used one at some point in time. The fun part of it all is that you can strap it to pretty much anything and the camera will take a pretty substantial beating beyond what other devices will be able to, allowing it to ride along for some pretty entertaining high-speed situations.

This time, we check out a video that I personally can say I have never seen anything like as someone decides to mix their hobby with a little bit of GoPro action in an unconventional way. As it turns out, this hobbyist appears to have an infatuation for cannons and, instead of just trying to film the cannonballs that get launched from the weapon and into the distance, instead, he decides to modify the projectile in question, this time, a bowling ball, and fits it with its very own GoPro camera.

After creating a sort of plexiglass window for the camera to see out of, it’s game on as the ball gets launched into the air and the camera records the entire thing, giving us a unique perspective that otherwise, no human being would ever be able to see. There are an awful lot of situations that have been recorded thanks to these kinds of action cameras and this might be one of the most unique that we have ever seen. Personally, I would’ve never thought of anything like this and being able to ride along with the adventure is certainly an intriguing couple of minutes.

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