Video of Priceless Ferrari Classic Shows Driver Hounding on $30 Million Car

For the ultra rare and super expensive vehicles that you will find grace in garages ...

For the ultra rare and super expensive vehicles that you will find grace in garages around the world these days, there are two schools of thought. On one hand, you have the people who are collectors and will purchase the cars for their monetary or historic value. Now, inherently, this means that these folks are not really going to drive them all that much and they would rather maintain the integrity of the vehicle and keep it as close to showroom condition as possible. However, on the other hand, you have those who would rather take the cars and drive them as they were designed to be driven. There is certainly merit in both camps, however, you will find that many folks either tend to lean in one direction or the other.

In this display as you get to go in-car with a 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO, a car that we pegged to be worth somewhere in the $20-30 million range, you can clearly tell which camp this driver’s foot is firmly planted in. As Nicky Pastorelli makes laps around Goodwood, you really get to hear the engine scream on this bad boy as it rips around the track, absolutely flexing its muscles. This sight might be enough to make some collectors cringe, but on the other hand, I’m sure there’s an equally large group of folks who are glad that they get the opportunity to see such a vehicle really getting driven hard. Outside of a situation like this, I’m not sure that there are too many other opportunities that an enthusiast would have to be able to appreciate a car like this in such a capacity. For bonus points, it’s film with a high definition camera and such great sound clarity, something you wouldn’t get out of the many older videos of these types of vehicles coming to life.

The video below will put you in the best seat in the house, behind the wheel, as we get quite the viewpoint, really going along for a jaunt that I would think many would consider to be the ride of a lifetime. We certainly have to admit that we are grateful that somebody took the opportunity to film such an experience and archive it so that we can enjoy it over and over again.

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