Video Shows How To DIY Epoxy Garage Floors

One of the things that folks who don’t work in the garage all the time may fail ...

One of the things that folks who don’t work in the garage all the time may fail realize is that every garage was not created equal. Whether talking about the finishes or the tools within, some garages just simply are more accommodating than others. However, that’s not to say that with a little bit of elbow grease and some reading up that one can’t make a garage even more functional than it already is. After all, just like the wish list of parts that many gearheads have for their cars, other enthusiasts have a wish list of parts to modify their garage to make it as usable as possible.

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In this one, we take a look at a rather underrated aspect of garage modification. I think that when most folks think of doing things to make their garage more functional, it’s usually in terms of the big-ticket items like a lift or maybe a big compressor to make the job go by a little bit easier. However, most who have worked in space and what to keep it clean will attest to the fact that epoxy floors can provide some huge upside. In addition to being easier to clean up so that your work environment is more sanitary, these types of floors just simply make space look a lot better. While many of us might not like to admit it, there is a certain pride in a neat and tidy garage.

By following along with the video below, viewers will get the tried-and-true DIY method that breaks down and simplifies how exactly one can go and epoxy their garage floors. This might be one modification that not everyone is going to tackle on their own but we think that, with just the right amount of effort and money investment, the juice might very much be worth the squeeze.

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