Video Shows What it’s Like to Land a Boeing 777F While Completely Blind

If you want to be a pilot onboard a commercial aircraft or even be able to get any ...

If you want to be a pilot onboard a commercial aircraft or even be able to get any aircraft in the sky, from what we understand, it’s quite the rigorous process. It’s definitely not as easy as going out there and getting your drivers license to put the a car on the road. Why is this process so complicated? Well, you see, in addition to figuring out how to fly the plane which is quite complex in and of itself, you also have to figure out how to deal with a whole variety of adverse conditions that, when not properly accounted for, can lead straight to your death via plowing your way into the ground. Nobody wants that.

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This time, we get a chance to check out one of those adverse conditions as it comes straight to us in a video as recorded from a cockpit of the Boeing 777F. As this crew would descend through the views of St. Elmo’s fire for a landing in Leipzig Germany, they wouldn’t be greeted with clear skies but instead, would be forced to land completely blindly as they would go through some heavy moisture, calling for some extra ability as they would be forced to make their way through the dense fog.

If a normal video that shows you the complexity of how to land a plane like this isn’t enough, this one will be certain to mesmerize you. Follow along with the complex mission that’s handed in the video below that ends up with this crew coming through with flying colors as they expertly navigate this craft safely to the ground where it touches down without a hitch. After bearing witness to this one, it will definitely make you appreciate what’s going on up in the cockpit next time that you find yourself on airplane.

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