Vintage 1970 Dodge Challenger RT Commercial Portrays That it is Going to be a Cop Magnet!

Today, there is a certain way that advertising pretty much looks across the board. ...

Today, there is a certain way that advertising pretty much looks across the board. Sure, obviously creative differs from company to company, but it really seems like we are in a day and age where people don’t take very many chances on doing things like they did in the old days to stand out from the bunch. Very rarely do we see the commercial that’s worth sharing with friends or ends up sparking its fair share of controversy, unless it’s completely hated by the masses, but instead, everything falls into the mix, finding its place to stand by ┬ásimply trying to push whatever product is behind the ad, standing out just enough to catch your attention but nothing more.

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This time, however, we check out a time where advertising was a lot different. With a much different climate of what people were receptive to, advertisers were able to go out there and try different things out to see what worked best. Instead of being afraid what people would end up thinking, They were really able to push the limits, bringing out advertising that you can look back on today and really be entertained by. In this one, it looks like we really have one of those commercials as Dodge came up with a little something different to entice people into purchasing.

Check out the video down below that takes you back in time, dropping you into this Dodge commercial where a police officer and the owner of a Dodge Challenger get tangled up a little bit as the officer seems to be concerned about how much of a race car the Dodge is. It’s classic advertising that exists that really makes you miss the ways of the old days. Be sure to tell us when you think of this old school commercial as it comes back to life in the form of a YouTube video.

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