Vloggers Reveal Some Of The Worst Fails Of SEMA 2018

Last weekend was the 2018 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. We’ve discussed at length how SEMA ...

Last weekend was the 2018 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. We’ve discussed at length how SEMA is “the target” for launching new products, unveiling new rides, and for many, the chance to show off custom creations built just for the show. For the most part, SEMA builds are next level badass and feature top-shelf craftsmanship and only the best products. For some, though, the thrash to get a build finished in time for the show catches up with them, leaving them desperate to just get done in time for the show, often at the cost of quality and even feasibility.

Of course, when you’re building something that’s as extreme as possible, minor details are often missed by the masses, who get caught up in the forest and miss the trees, as the cliche goes. Some show attendees are sticklers for details, though, and look a little closer to catch some of these builders cutting corners to get to the show on time, and since everybody has a camera in their pocket these days, they make videos showcasing some of these fails.

Today, we have a look at a Nissan Titan that’s been lifted what looks to be a couple of feet with a full custom suspension setup. The first thing our host Unicorn points out is that the rear end differential seems to have sprung a leak, based on the sizable puddle of fluid on the ground under the front of the chunk. He also points out that some of the fasteners have been colored with Sharpie markers to match the rest of the suspension. There’s nothing at all wrong with color-matching your hardware, but anodizing or at least using actual paint are typically used as methods of applying custom color.

Elsewhere, we see that despite being lifted to drastic heights, the truck actually only offers an inch or so of suspension travel, proving that it will never see anything but city streets and parking lots. Finally, the most egregious of the cut corners, the truck doesn’t even have a front driveshaft installed. We’ve seen these “bluetooth” driveshafts here and there, almost always on these hurried SEMA builds. Something tells me we’ll be seeing plenty more of these videos in the coming days.


We present you the first fails of SEMA Fuckboy gang#sema

Posted by That'll Buff Out on Tuesday, October 31, 2017

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