VW Dieselgate Announcement: The Lastest News on the VW TDI Evolving Scandal

VW Dieselgate Announcement: The Lastest News on the VW TDI Evolving Scandallimited ...

VW Dieselgate Announcement: The Lastest News on the VW TDI Evolving Scandal

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Only if you have been hiding under a rock lately, you might have missed the hottest story in all of the automotive world that’s currently unfolding within the doors of Volkswagen.

Basically, it goes a little bit like this: When it comes to getting cars approved to be roadworthy or to be allowed to claim certain things like fuel economy numbers, the government, more specifically the Environmental Protection Agency, puts the cars through a series of testing to make sure that they are fit for the road and live up to the standards that they claim.

When Volkswagen knew that whole lot of their diesel powered cars would not fit the credentials, they came up with a quite diabolical plan to write some code in the software that would basically mask what the car really was during the EPA tests, using a variety of factors such as traction control being on or off, steering wheel position, and a whole bunch of other complicated high-level metrics.

Well, since they cheated, it just so happens that they got caught. It’s odd, because VW is one of those companies that you expect to be all about the environment and super calm and noncompetitive. We guess that wasn’t really the case after all.

Since the news broke, VW has been pretty silent but now, as you can see the video below, they finally decided to break that silence by admitting to what they’ve done and agreeing to cooperate fully from here on out. All in all, the incident affected 11-million cars and will dig a $7.3-billion hole in the automaker’s pocket along with the long lasting gouge they’ll notice in their reputation. That’s a lesson learned the hard way if we’ve ever seen one.

Check out the video below that digs into a mechanic shop scam that could have effected you!



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