Wacky Backyard Invention Helps Man Mow His Big Yard in Half the Time!

If there’s one thing that we think most people should strive for in life it ...

If there’s one thing that we think most people should strive for in life it would be to work smarter instead of harder. It seems like there aren’t very many situations where doing unnecessary labor is going to pay off in your benefit, especially if you can figure out a way to get the job done without having to put in as much time and effort. With something like mowing the lawn, if you could come a with a way to get it done in half of the time and spend more time doing things that you enjoy doing, why not take a look at such a solution?

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In this series of events, we check out somebody who was looking to do exactly that as he has a  way of cutting his grass in half the time that’s just a little bit unconventional. It’s definitely not a method that’s for everybody but it’s hard to deny that this was interesting to watch as this guy has come up with quite the contraption that maybe major mowing companies want to take notes about at least in some capacity. I’m sure that no major company is going to strap three lawnmowers together like this but maybe it’s an idea that has a little bit of merit with a little bit more research and development behind it.

If you follow the debauchery in the video below, you’ll see what might be one of the wackiest examples of lawn care that you’ve ever seen. Not many people have three lawnmowers sitting around just to tackle a job in this manner, however, it’s actually pretty efficient as this guy has chosen to take on a little bit of landscaping on Sunday afternoon. This is some pretty extreme dedication to being able to get the job done and saving on the effort if we’ve ever seen it.

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