Wannabe Tough Guy on a Motorcycle Gets What’s Coming to Him

When it comes to intelligence, you’d expect everyone to have at least a ...

When it comes to intelligence, you’d expect everyone to have at least a baseline to operate in the real world, but this motorcycle rider apparently does not.

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While out and about recording a news segment about odd things that folks do at the Golden Gate Bridge Toll Plaza, the news crew ran into a motorcycle rider who was a bit obscure.

After cutting across multiple lanes of traffic and going the wrong way down a ramp to get off of the highway, all being filmed by the news reporter, the rider decided to confront the reporter.

Now, he had broken the law, but odds are that if he kept on rolling, he would have had an issue and it would’ve been gone with the breeze, but after confronting the reporter, the police would have time to catch up with him and his day would get worse.

Check out the video below as the rider, who turned out to have a suspended license anyway, was slapped with a bunch of charges and had his bike impounded. A little bit less pride and this awful day could have been avoided. We guess that’ll just have to be a lesson for next time!



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