Watch a Gigantic C-5 Galaxy Cargo Aircraft Swallow a Semi Truck

When you think of the basic concept of flight, it really boggles the mind to think ...

When you think of the basic concept of flight, it really boggles the mind to think how all of the technology currently in place had to come from nothing except an idea. Someone took little bits and pieces of math and science and merged them all together to figure out how to give lift to these heavy pieces of architecture that we put the utmost trust in, going as far as entrusting them with our lives!

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When you see what all the different kinds of airplanes are capable of these days, carrying loads more massive than your mind can fathom, it can really leave you to just stop and think for a minute about how these giant machines came to be as technologically advanced that they are these days.

This time, we check out a giant C-5 Galaxy cargo aircraft it’s able to swallow up an entire semi truck and carry it through the air, flexing his muscles and taking the immense cargo to wherever it is that the person behind transporting this load wants it to go.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 9.13.22 AM

Check out the video below as the big time hauler takes on almost more than you expect it to as it’s stuffed to the brim, full of cargo to be delivered to its destination in the quickest journey possible. Just imagine the amount of engineering that has gone into making sure that journeys like this can be regularly taken in a safe manner.

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