Watch Some Exclusive Video Of Farmtruck Racing Before Street Outlaws

Even before the television cameras were rolling out in the 405, the guys that you see ...

Even before the television cameras were rolling out in the 405, the guys that you see on screen had some killer races and probably took home their fair share of money as well. It’s a lot of fun to dig into these nostalgic vaults that preserve these moments in time because, while some might like to think that the good old days were a simpler and better period in time, well, we’re never going to get to live them again and that might just be what makes them so easy to appreciate.

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During this “simpler time,” you know, the time when folks weren’t so keen to the ultimate sleeper in Farmtruck, the nitrous driven Chevrolet C10 was able to sneak up on folks and catch them by surprise. Back before sleepers were running rampant on the racing scene and you’d be forced to do a double take at every vehicle that you’d looked at, this orange clad beat up old farm machine had to throw quite a surprise at everyone that lined up against it or watched it rip down the street next to the competition as it managed to pull away.

This time, we check out a little bit of a throwback that has Farmtruck in action against another old-school pickup that looks like it’s ready to take home the win. Little did the driver of the other truck know, this is a little bit more than a run-of-the-mill C10. When you see a truck that’s all shined up like the competitor here, you see someone who might just be a worthy competitor to race, however, the Farmtruck doesn’t look like anything of the sort! Just imagine if the Farmtruck’s cover was never blown wide open! The crew would still be out there and able to take money from every hustler looking to get into a street race.

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