Watch What Happens When a Plane Violated the President’s Restricted Airspace

For somebody who is as high profile as the President of the United States, as you can ...

For somebody who is as high profile as the President of the United States, as you can imagine, eyes are going to be on that indvidual all times and when you have as much power as the man who is in charge of the greatest country on Earth, let’s just say that you might not be well-received by absolutely everybody. It is a controversial position, after all. Therefore, as an important figure, you need to have some pretty intense security at all times, no matter where you are. This time, we just so happen to be talking about exactly what the haps is when the President ascends into the air in Air Force One.

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It’s kind of a little bit intimidating as we walk through this demonstration, seeing what would happen if one were to get out of line while up in the air near the Commander in Chief. What would happen if somebody decided that they wanted to fly little bit too close to the President’s plane while he was on his way to wherever it is that he needs to be? This time, we find out exactly that as this demonstration Cessna takes the liberty of flying too close to the plane and ignoring all instructions to make its way away. What will come of it if the plane fails to obey orders? Well, I don’t think that’s something that the person who is violating the law really wants to know about.

Follow along with the video below that explores just that concept and more, taking you inside of the moment that allows us all to find out that maybe it would be a bad idea to choose this particular airplane to get close to while up in the air. I most certainly wouldn’t want to be someone in the pilot seat of the plane that was in the wrong place at the wrong time here. That certainly seems like it’s a good way to set yourself up for disaster.

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