What are the odds? Train derails right in front of camera man

Over again we have all heard the phrase saying that a person or situation is ...

Over again we have all heard the phrase saying that a person or situation is basically a “train wreck.” While the short phrase has managed to wiggle its way into our regular vocabulary, how many people can actually say that they have witnessed a train wreck go down?

Personally, I can’t recall ever seeing one in person or on video but after checking this one out it isn’t really hard to see where that phrase got its footing from. Watching something like this happen certainly isn’t pretty as it just keeps on going and going until the damage reaches a painful level.

Somehow, right in front of this man who was filming the train, it decided that it wanted to derail, sending one car off of the tracks and eventually leading the other cars that it is attached to into falling off of the tracks as well, kind of like a domino effect.

Check out the video below as a near worst-case scenario unfolds for the folks who are responsible for making sure that this train gets to its destination safely. It looks like the crew has a little bit of cleaning up and explaining to do. Who knows? Maybe this one was just a freak accident.

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