What Do you Get when you spend $80,000 on a truck?

If you want to get into the different automotive markets that have found a way to ...

If you want to get into the different automotive markets that have found a way to change drastically over the years, you can’t skip over that category without taking a good, hard look at pickup trucks. Originally, the concept behind a pickup truck, when it first was available to the consumer, that is, was a light duty work machine that would have the bare basics onboard to help you to do nothing more than aid in a little bit of moving power to get your materials to where they need to be. They would prove to be, at that¬†point in time, the equivalent of what is today’s bare-bones basic work truck with even fewer options and that was the only option.

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However, as the market would expand and grow while¬†companies would begin to learn a little bit more about what people actually wanted out of a pickup truck, things would get a little bit more intense, using all kinds of new features to be implemented in different trucks and different trim levels as well. One thing would lead to another and eventually, it would escalate to having trucks that are more expensive than most cars because of the features that they bring on board and their complexity. In today’s pickup trucks, you can option them out with just about anything that any luxury car will have and sometimes, they’re even plusher!

In the video below, we get the opinion of the esteemed automotive journalist, Doug DeMuro as he gives us his opinion on exactly why the latest and greatest among Ford pickup trucks in the Ford F-250 has yielded a price tag of $80,000, in this particular case. To top things off, you can get a Ford pickup truck that cost even more money than that, bringing the total closer to $100,000 and signs don’t show that they’re stopping anytime soon, either, as trucks continue to grow in popularity. After listening to this rundown of exactly what you can find on a pickup truck that is worth more than what most Americans make in a given year, tell us what your take is on a machine that’s this expensive, on this platform.

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