What Happens when Liquid Nitrogen hits Boiling Motor Oil?

Motor oil is incredibly resilient. We already know that from the fact that it ...

Motor oil is incredibly resilient. We already know that from the fact that it survives three thousand miles – and sometimes well beyond that – inside our engines, where heat, friction, and constant agitation put it through the most intense trials.

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Grant Thompson decided to line up some torture tests of his own to see just how tough Castrol’s EDGE motors oil is. In the first test, a thermal shock test, Grant boiled the oil to over 400 degrees, then dropped in a container of supercooled liquid nitrogen, creating an instant temperature drop of over 700 degrees. The result is a huge spray of oil and a cloud of steam, but the oil help up just fine.

After that, Thompson froze a container of the oil solid then smashed it with a hammer, only to see the oil melt and return to its previous state. He then blended it in a high speed blender for over 20 minutes, but the blender gave out before the oil did, proving that this EDGE is some pretty durable fluid. After all of that, he had the same oil he’d just tested put into his engine, proving his trust in this new formula. That’s pretty insane!!!

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