What Happens When You Fall Asleep With your Tesla on Autopilot?

As automotive technology continues to progress, Tesla is a car company that has ...

As automotive technology continues to progress, Tesla is a car company that has always found itself at the head of the pack. It seems like these electric powered vehicles always seem to be right on the cutting edge of whatever it is that’s new in the market of consumer transportation.

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One of the biggest advancements that the company has made in this realm is that of their autonomous breakthroughs that allow your car to drive itself, completely taking all human interaction out of the process and perhaps freeing you up some time that it would normally take to be actively driving behind the wheel.

Now, if you were to have this technology available to you, what would you use the time for? Well, it probably wouldn’t come as a shock to me to find out that a pretty good percentage of people would use their extra found time to sleep whether it be on their way to work or their way home from school or anything in between. However, as it turns out, Tesla’s onboard equipment won’t allow you to do so! Sorry for spoiling your fun.

It’s unclear if this was a restriction put in place by government force or something that Tesla’s legal team recommended that they implement but in either scenario, when you fall asleep, a whole sequence of events will begin to unfold to make sure that you’re awake just in case the autopilot feature begins to malfunction. What do you think of the events that unfold, shown down in the video below, when you start to nod off behind the wheel?

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