What Happens When You hit Consecutive Guardrails At High Speeds? “Animation”

DestructionNation is a channel dedicated to BeamNG DRIVE, an app that lets you build ...

DestructionNation is a channel dedicated to BeamNG DRIVE, an app that lets you build crash testing simulations and test them with what looks to be very accurate real-world physics. While this may be useful in many ways in a more purposeful way, the most popular use for the software is to build ridiculous, over-the-top, completely implausible simulations that are good for nothing but pure entertainment.

We’ve seen some crazy setups that caused some amazing carnage, from chain walls to long stretches of roadway full of speed bumps, each of which caused total carnage of the different vehicles used in the simulations. This sim features your run-of-the-mill Armco barriers, only instead of lining the road to contain wayward cars, they’re crossing it at 90 degrees, and there’s not one, there are a dozen or so. Test after test, the various vehicles are rammed into them at high speeds. Some of the clips are slowed down to super slow-mo speeds, where you can watch the carnage unfold in stunning detail. As you may imagine, the smaller and lighter the type of vehicle, the more complete the destruction of the car itself, while bigger, heavier rides do more damage to the rails than the rails to do them.

For a perfect example, look no farther than the soft drink hauling big rig that pops up early in the video. It plows clean through all of the rails with damage limited to the bumper, wheels and tires while all of the rails are completely wiped out. Flip that to any of the small passenger cars or trucks and they usually just get through the first few rails before they’re mangled beyond recognition.

We’re going to have to get our hands on this app and see what we can come up with soon. It looks like a ton of fun and we’re pretty sure we could come up with some pretty gnarly simulations.

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