What Not To Do After A Civic Crashes At WCF!

For the sake of argument, I’m just going to go ahead and assume that the guys ...

For the sake of argument, I’m just going to go ahead and assume that the guys talking over the loudspeaker at a racetrack, informing people of some of the safety measures they have in place are speaking for a reason. If somebody who has put together countless events is saying that you should do something, well, there’s a good chance that they probably have a reason for it. This time, we get to see exactly what that reason is and how it unfolds in front of our very eyes. Sometimes, I guess you need to touch the stove and get burnt to learn that maybe you shouldn’t touch the stove again in the future.

At the World Cup Finals that take place at Maryland International Raceway, they have some pretty strict rules that are in place for a very good reason. Everybody wants to have a safe racing experience and the staff does the absolute best to keep that in place as I’m sure is done in countless professional racing events across the country. As you can hear over the speakers here, one of the rules that they have in place is to not to follow the car down the track if it should get in an accident. I understand that you will be incredibly concerned if someone that you love is in the car and gets into the accident but, running down there in a panic absolutely isn’t going to do anything to help the situation.

In this video featured by TalonTSi97, we follow the situation that shows exactly why the rule to not run down the track is in place. It would appear as if this car ended up crashing because it would leak some fluid on to the track that would get under its tires and send it sideways. As the fluid was still on the track after the wreck, the people running on the track ended up going for quite the ride as they would slip on it and fall directly on their rear ends. You have to feel for these people on one hand but on the other, if they keep repeatedly saying it over the loudspeaker, well, what do you expect to happen?

Some people in the comments of the video did mention that maybe these people didn’t speak English but as someone who was on location for the race, I can attest to the fact that they were announcing everything in both Spanish and English because of the diverse groups of people that this event tends to attract.

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