What to Expect When You Get the Cheapest Bentley Continental GT That Money Can Buy

No matter what car it is that you happen to be shopping before, everybody wants to ...

No matter what car it is that you happen to be shopping before, everybody wants to get a good deal. There’s something built into our DNA that really tells us to go out there and try to get the best value that we can. People really feel better when they feel like that they are getting something special. While, in every transaction, there can be a moment when someone feels like they’re getting good value, other times, transactions really go above and beyond to pull out that value, finding cars that are worth a ton of money and figuring out a way to whittle them down to pennies on the dollar.

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There is a phenomenon on YouTube that, because of this human trait, has really grown where YouTube presenters will go out and buy the cheapest version of an expensive car that they can find to see if it’s worth it. If you’re buying an exotic car for a fraction of the price, knowing that it might be a good amount of work that needs to be done to it to be able to drive around, will it ever be worth it? Well, that might be something that’s floating around in your head every time you see one these spectacular deals pop up and thanks to YouTube videos like this, we no longer have to wonder as we’ll have a base for comparison as to why you might want to avoid some of these vehicles that could seem like deals or inversely, chase them down and have yourself a great car at a fraction of its original price.

In the video down below, we can follow along with Hoovies Garage as they took on the brunt of a $27,000 investment in a Bentley Continental GT that they found to be the cheapest that they could get their hands on in the entire world. Similar cars might bring double that, easily, but these guys find out that maybe there is a reason why the markdown exists. Follow along in the video below that chases down this car several months after purchase to see exactly what lies beneath. Between chasing down minuscule issues that prove to be a rather substantial pain in the rear end to figuring out things like the fact that the car has been spending a lot of time in Russia has a rolled back odometer, this car really provides the gift that keeps on giving.


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